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SALORIE Portable Menstrual Heating Massager pad

SALORIE Portable Menstrual Heating Massager pad

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  Experience relief from menstrual cramps with the SALORIE Portable Menstrual Heating Massager pad. This compact device provides soothing heat therapy to alleviate pain and discomfort. Stay on-the-go and enjoy the benefits of targeted heat therapy wherever you are. Say goodbye to cramps and hello to comfort with SALORIE.


1.Adjustable elastic strap with buckle.
2.Two control buttons (adjust vibration, adjust temperature);
3.3 seconds rapid heating, built-in security chip;
4.3-speed intelligent temperature adjustment;
5.4-speed vibration massage;


The heating pad uses the PI metal heating and built in upgraded intelligent security chip, PI metal heating film is electrified to release far-infrared wave, which can quickly and safely heat in 3-5 seconds, drive out cold and warm the uterus, effectively reduce menstrual pain.
Fast fever in 3 seconds, The Pl metal heating film is energized to release infrared waves to the subcutaneous layer to drive away the cold and effectively relieve menstrual pain, Built in smart chip with multiple protections to protect your safety. Suitable for menstrual cramps, back pain, stomach cold and period pain relief.Adjustable elastic belt can stretch up to 52 inch, suitable for all shapes and sizes.


The warm uterus belt adopts NTC intelligent system to control the temperature, three levels of constant temperature hot compress to meet your needs, press the switch button to change the temperature between: 50℃,55℃, 60℃(About 122℉, 131℉, 140℉). 4-gear vibration massage, close to the waist and abdomen, multi point massage to relieve menstrual pain fundamentally.


Our menstrual heating pad made of thick ABS material, weighing only 0.5lbs, which allow you carry this massage heating pad wherever you go. The cover material is made of soft fabric, breathable and comfortable, provides skin-friendly and optimal comforts for body touch. Perfect gifts for mom, dad, women or girl.

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